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Projects & Appeals


New Construction Projects


Masjid extension

Alhamdulillah, the extensions on our Masjid at our centre, the Masjid Na’eem, has been completed. Salaah is now conducted in the new extended main hall of the Masjid. May Allah Ta'ala reward abundantly to undertake this enormous task. But we are facing the problem of roof leakage. May Allah help us to overcome this problem, aameen.

Click Here for details of the Masjid extension project.

bulletMasjid Extension Project
bullet View Pictures of Old and Existing Masjid (759Kb)
bullet View Plans for New Extension Project (4140 Kb)
bullet Different Phases of Masjid Naeem Project (1000Kb)



Residential flats for our teaching staff and shops for rentals

We are facing an acute shortage of residential quarters for the teaching staff, hence recruiting well experienced teachers is a problem for shortage of providing residential quarters, as our centre is quite far from the nearest dwelling centre. To overcome this, we have constructed flats for teachers’ residence and shops for rentals, inshaAllah to generate income for the institution.

Please donate to this very worthy cause. This is indeed a rare opportunity to earn enormous Thawab for yourself and your deceased beloved parents and relatives. Do not miss this great opportunity!

Yes, Mashaa-Allah, brothers and sisters, you do help and contribute! Countless projects all over the world have achieved their goals through YOU by Allah Ta'aala's Taufique. But some are rare. Their benefit is enormous. The rewards are multiplied. These projects are for the enhancement of Allah's Deen. For spreading the Word Of Allah!

Alhamdulillah great activity is going on at Majlisul Ma'arif al-Islamiyyah. Young boys are memorizing the Holy Qur'an. New reverts and older Muslims are receiving basic Islamic education. Huffaaz are on course of becoming Ulamas. Alhamdulillah the number is increasing.

So brothers and sisters! As you have always come forward to aid, we sincerely implore you to continue serve for this worthy cause. Allah Ta'aala, the Creator and Owner of all riches, will surely reward YOU!

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Jazakumullahu Khairan


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