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About Majlis Al-Ma'arif Al-Islamiyyah:

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Our charity is non-political and non-profit making Kenyan registered charity. The charity began in the early 1980's and became registered on the 10th October 1985. Our work is governed by our constitution (Trust Deed). Some of our aims and objectives are as below.


Our Statement:

We strongly condemn any form of violence against anyone. Islam condemns all forms of violence or terrorism. All creatures and mankind are one great family of God. Islam teaches that all humans are one great family of God, regardless of different religious beliefs, nationality or race. They should love and protect each other. They should not hate, persecute, torture and kill each other. All religions teach that human life is sacred. God is Kind and Merciful and commands that we should also be kind and merciful to His creatures. Anyone that claims to be a believer and worshiper of God, can not be a true believer until he shows kindness to his fellow human beings and His creatures. All seekers of God will surely find Him close to the suffering hearts of the destitute.


All human beings, according to Islam, have been created by one and the same God, and for this reason they belong to one great brotherhood. All being descendants of the same progenitor, Adam and Eve, they should naturally be each other’s well-wishers. They must willingly come to one another’s assistance, like members of the same large family. Islam has, therefore, laid the greatest of emphasis on the support of destitute and disabled members of society. It is a sacred duty of the wealthy to give part of their possessions to fulfill the needs of the deprived sections of the community. Our work is to fulfill the physical and spiritual needs of this section of the community. May Allah accept our noble efforts, Ameen.


About our Organisation:


Name and Address:

Majlis Al-Ma’arif Al-Islamiyyah,

P..O. Box 104, Mtwapa, Mombasa. Kenya

Tel: 00254 (0) 733560109 & 00254 (0)73497955


Aims and Objectives of Majlis Al-Ma’arif Al-Islamiyyah:

Social, Welfare & Educational Institution



North of Mombasa city in Kenya (Coast province), 29 Km on the Mombasa to Malindi Highway, Road No. B8. See Aerial View


Date of Inception:

10th October,1985 (25th MuHarram 1406 A.H.)


Stages of Progression:

Started as Madrassatul Tajweed Al-Qur’an at the residence of the late AL-HAJ ALI MUHAMMAD in Mombasa in 1983. In 1984 the activities shifted to Kigato in Kwale District south of Mombasa and finally to a waqf plot for MASJID NAEEM plot No. 9 sect 11 (AMKENI) belonging to Messers. MUSES MUHAMMAD of Mombasa Ship Chandlers where it now continues to exist. Acreage allocated to Majlis: 25 Acres.


Our Bank Account Numbers:

We have three account numbers maintained at two banks in Mombasa.



Habib Bank AG Zurich A/C. No. 0000337168 and


First Community Bank Limited, Mombasa Branch Bank A/C. No. 01988030301, for Kenya shillings, and


First Community Bank Limited, Mombasa Branch Bank A/C. No. 01988030302, for US$.

Click Here for more Bank details

The willing donors and well wishers are advised to channel their generous donations towards these accounts to alleviate the financial burden the institution is subsidizing for the six hundred plus poor students whose annual admission fees is just KSh. 6000/= in the Darul Arqam section, KShs. 6000/- in the Ubay bin Ka’b section, and KShs. 9000/- in the Ma’ahad section in the first year, and KShs. 6000/- in the later years.

The number of students graduating in the year 2014 from the institution was as follows:


Darul Arqam: A. Reverts 135 B. Imaams- 48


Dar-Ubay Bin Kaab (Hufaadh) - 47


Al-Ma’ahad Al-Ilmy (A’alim)- 19


Computer course – 23


Arabic Language Course – 15


Tailoring - 12


The need of such an institution in our region cannot be expressed by words. It is the duty of every Muslim to safeguard and upkeep this blossoming garden of Aakhirah, especially in these trying periods of today when certain force are out to extinguish the torch of Islam by targeting Islamic education institution.

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