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Masjid Naeem Project

A video clip of masjid and Majlis compound

A view of the extensiosns

An outside of the new upper level

Another view of extensions

Another view of the old masjid

Extended Masjid Na'eem with ablution, toilet block

Inside of the Initial old masjid after refurbishment

Inside view as from the Mihrab

Inside view with extensions

Masjid ext initial stg

Masjid ext initial stg

Masjid extensions work in progress

Masjid extensions Work in progress

Masjid upper level after ext

Mosque as viewed from Darul Arqam before ext

Mosque from front side before extensions

New ablution and toilets block

old masjid being refurbished

One view of the Original Mosque before refurbishment

Outside view of initial masjid Na'eem after refurbishment

The new Mihrab

Toilet, ablution block

upper level with view of initial old masjid

Masjid and Majlis compound

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